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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to start a statement of purpose for E-business ??

How to start a statement of purpose for E-business ??

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Feb 27, 09, 06:22am

I want to write a statement of purpose for Msc in e-businessI'm an international student going to study in UK and I have a B.A in English LiteratureI had already gathered information about the field and the universityI also talked to the international officer and he told me that I have the required qualifications but all I need now is a great statement of purposeNow I don't know how should I start writing the SoP
I would suggest you write down everything you want to say in your statement of purpose, focusing on your reasons for wanting to apply to whatever university you are applying to. Then, we can give you feedback on how to revise what you have written to make it a great SoP. As it is, it is difficult to help you start, because we have no idea what your purpose actually is.

Thanks EF_Sean for your response The problem is I don't know how to startWell, I chose e-Business because of its importance in future perspectives considering that the amount of trade conducted electronically has grown extraordinarily since the spread of the Internet plus I would really want to be my own boss and make money through running my own business and I think that studying e-Business will help me to reach my goalI hope that the information provided here would be useful to give me the introductory paragraph I need to start writing =)
Okay, what you have so far are some good reasons for going into e-business. Now, expand on them. So, the amount of trade conducted electronically has grown extraordinarily. It still is much less than the amount of trade conducted in traditional venues, so why not pursue an MBA? You want to run your own business. Great. What sort of business? Will it be wholly an e-commerce one, or do you just want to be ready to give your ordinary business an e-presence? Then, add to that your reasons for taking a degree at the particular university you are applying to. So, why X university instead of universities A, B, or C? You see, the best way to start writing is to start writing. Put stuff down on paper (metaphorically speaking). Even if your ideas don't really connect up all that well at first, at least you'll have a draft to work with. You can rearrange your sentences, even entire paragraphs, to improve. Then, you can worry about polishing the first sentence or adding an interesting hook. It isn't that uncommon for professional writers to write the introduction last, once they know what it is they will be introducing, as it were.
Great choice of action. I agree that e-commerce is a great thing to study. So, why is this particular school perfect for you? For each school to which you apply, explan why it is the perfect choice! :) It may not even have the perfect program, per se, but perhaps there are some great faculty members with whom you identify... and perhaps the school has certain resources. Years ago, I worked on a suicide hotline, and one of the concerns was that if a person had a clear plan about how they would do it, that meant they might be REALLY serious!! In a twisted sort of way, the same principle applies here: Show that you have a clear plan for your future at this school and beyond.

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