Sample SOP

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sample statement of purpose MBA

statement of purpose (sop) MBA

Excellence is a journey and not the destination
I realized this as a child from my father, a ceaseless learner. He asked questions, never took “No” for an answer and I saw him become a powerful career person, recognized as a high flier in every organisation he worked for. And now, almost 50 years of age, he still swears he has to learn a lot more and do things even better.
Having learnt from him that success is a moving target, the years of my own life with my family have honed my own skills to never aim or demand anything, less than perfect.
Built around an attitude for excellence, my motivation has always been at its peak beginning my early years at the through to the undergraduate school where I am currently in. My undergraduate school, Shanmugha is one of the premier learning institutions in southern, a knowledge rich zone, producing thousands of IT genius every year.
I am now keen to pursue graduate studies in a highly advanced learning environment, such as the programs offered by your. If I am fortunate to join some of your streams, I believe it would be one of my most significant cornerstones for my career pursuits.
My Academics, Knowledge, Computer Skills and more…
My association with computer systems developed significantly over the years in college and has helped me increase exponentially, my mastery in handling sophisticated computers running complex software.
I have succeeded in maintaining a high standard of performance in my academics right from my early years at school. I kept updating my knowledge about computers constantly and subsequently the advances in Information Technology itself. My passion for computers resulted in my choosing Computer and Engineering as my major in my studies.
My stream of accomplishments in the undergraduate school has focussed around my assertive work in programming languages. I have delved deep into its realms and started working on solutions in C and C++ languages using various techniques.
The Computer is intelligent, or is it?
During my work I began to realize a cold fact about computers - all that they could do was to work in one of the ways chosen from a set of ways defined by the program and / or limited by the capabilities of the computers that run these programs.
Like we all know, there is always a better way. I began to wonder if human minds can be trained to think laterally, can not the same human develop similar capabilities on computers?
I knew I had stumbled upon Artificial Intelligence (AI)! I began reading about AI from various journals, books and the Internet and armed myself with extensive knowledge and information on AI.
My dedication and contribution to AI grew and it stretched as far as my being able to present technical papers at national level symposia in India. I have presented a paper that analyzes Computer Gaming Technologies and some of the algorithms used by the AI engines in various categories of games.
Where do I want to go from here….
I have thus developed a powerful intellectual urge to empower myself with futuristic technological skills and keep abreast with the trends in AI. I am very keen to do some independent research in this field.
With my high-spirited motivation for graduate studies and the right mindset to pursue and realize determined goals, I foresee a great future and vocation ahead, in the realm of AI, not just in gaming but in other areas too, such as space research, avionics, industrial & home automation et al.
I would like to equip myself well to fulfill my ambitions and to build a career around my potential. What else can be a better stepping stone for me than a graduate study program in a school of repute such as yours?
In my fathomless journey for success and fulfillment through excellence, complemented with conceptual and practical knowledge and experience, I am now ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of graduate studies and research at The State University of New York at Buffalo.


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